Bananas Gorilla is an ape thief (and sometimes a Good-guy) whose passion for the fruit that bears his name leads him to steal bunches of them from Grocer Cat, which leads his pursuit by Sergeant Murphy (to which he stole Unoticely Unpurpose in Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever), Bananas also has many watches on each wrist. Characters added in April 1969. Banannas Gorilla is the tetartagonist in the franchise, but the main antagonist in The Busy World of Richard Scarry and Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever (until at the end).

He was first appeared in a Day at the Police Station. He is voiced by Frank Oz.

In the Busy World of Richard Scarry he was Voiced by Ron Rubin.


Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video EverEdit

In the B segment (bread), he wants banana bread at the bakery, but he had to wait until tomorrow since the bakery is baking blueberry bread today. In the I segment (ice-cream), he wants banana ice cream, but the ice cream vendor has none. In the M segment (motorcycle), he steals a bunch of bananas out of the mail truck and Sergeant Murphy chases him with his motorcycle. In the R segment (rabbit), he is on a rubber raft. In the T segment (train), he rides on a train. In the W segment (watermelon), he is on Willie Wolf's wagon. In the Z segment (zipper), he is in a tent with a zipper and finally gets arrested by Sergeant Murphy, but the bananas he stole belong to him!

Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video EverEdit

He gets 9 banana cream pies from Farmer Fox.

Richard Scarry's Best Busy People Video EverEdit

After adult Freddy Fox, carrying a stack of banana cream pies, slips on a banana peel, he tosses them to Bananas Gorilla.

Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video EverEdit

Before the show, Bananas steals a banana from Mother Owl's hat. After the shapes song, Bananas grabs a banana shape (which must've been a crescent) and rides away on his unicycle. In Freddie's Counting Song, he sees 10 bananas and take them one by one while Freddy counts them down. As Lily sings "over and under" in her song, Bananas steals a banana from a little bunny. In Huckle's song (If you're happy and you know it), he steals Sally Cat's long, yellow balloon thinking it's a banana. However, it's not, so he returns it. In Rhonda's song (Look, Look, Carefully), he eats a banana from a fruit bowl. Then Rhonda, Huckle, Sally, and Freddie sing a song to teach Bananas manners.

Richard Scarry's Best Silly Stories and Songs Video EverEdit

He appears in the third story, Pa Pig's New Car. Pa Pig accidentally went into Banana Gorilla's Bananamobile after he buys bananas. After Pa Pig gets his car back, Bananas sends him bananas.

Richard Scarry's Best Sing Along Mother Goose Video Ever was the only time he was absent in Best Videos Ever.


Bananas Gorilla's defeat

Bananas Gorilla's defeat.


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