Wiki Busytown is a fictional town / .,inhabited by assortment of anthropomorphic animals, as depicted in various books by the children's author Richard Scarry. Main characters of these books include the following: Black Circle Mouth, Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Mr. Frumble, police Sergeant Murphy, Mr. Fixit, Bananas Gorilla, Hilda Hippo, Farmer Fox, Farmer Alfalfa, Ursula, Dingo, The Pig Family, Pig Will, Pig Wont, The Firefighters, Gold Bug, Bully Bobcat, Bumbles Leopard, はなはなマロン, ケン・バーン, たまごおうじ, メロディーヌ, どんぐりん, オオガーラとムクムク, あなくま, サボサボ, ふじおばば, くいしんボン, じょうろう, カランコロン, なになに, つぼちん, ペッタン, まる, フォッフォ, and ポッコンパッコン.

In the mid-1990s Cinar (now Cookie Jar Entertainment) produced the animated series The Busy World of Richard Scarry, based around the inhabitants of Busytown. The series originally aired on Showtime in the United States. A board game and a computer game based on Busytown were also produced in 1990s. Another animated series centered around Busytown, Busytown Mysteries, ran in the late 2000s.


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File:Hurray For Huckle The Best Outside Fun Ever (2010) - Home Video Trailer for this animated children's show
File:Hurray For Huckle The Very Best Busytown Friends Ever! The Best Outside Fun Ever! Zooming Around Busytown (2009) - Home video trailer for this animated children's show
File:Busytown Mysteries Complete Series (2009) - Home Video Trailer for Hooray For Huckle
File:Busytown Mysteries Complete Series (2009) - Home video trailer for this animated series