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Busytown Mysteries, also known as Hurray for Huckle!, is a Canadian animated television series created by Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.

Chimp Song from (The Flat Tire Mystery) Edit

Chimp Song

Characters Edit

Huckle Cat: is a 8 year old young sister Sally's friend rescues one story and surprise come oh best times from a one pizzeria of the long hot shower after the Busytown mysteries of the great in Busytown lets get do it his own her Why Can't the World just see thing my way? Who make a cat solve a mystery. He is Voiced by (Joanne Vannicola)

Lowly Worm: is a worms Forest Huckle's friend.

Sally Cat: is a sister kitten that great hello the bunnies Huckle's friend.

Hilda Hippo: is a hippo join Huckle and Lowly, Sally, Black circle mouth. She is a recycled version of Hildy Pants.

Pig Will & Pig Won't: is a pig not Huckle's team.

Goldbug: is a yellow-green bug.

Foette: is a girl.

Hot Winnie:

Ursula: is is a female pig.

Mr. Platypus: is a friendly platypus who mean like a BIG BUTTERFLY NET.

Abby Cadabby:

Baba the Zebra:


Starry Pants:

Marie Cat:

Gallery Edit


Busytown mysteries.jpg Huckle2.png|Umi Fire Truck Car.jpg

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