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Cumumber (Right) as seen in the episode Flying Noodels

Cucumber is a Travel Photographer who travels around the World with her assiant Pickles taking photos for her boss Editor Eddie. She is a Dog. She appears to be a Cockapoo mix. She appears in the Sub episodes of Busy World of Richard Scarry. Cucumber has fears sometimes and is scared of some of the photo assigments she is set with but she learns to overcome her fears in her travels.

She and Pickles also have a habit of Solving mysteries whenever they occur at the location they are at.

In the Busy World of Richard Scarry she was voiced by Susan Roman.


Cucumber appeared in:

  • Cucumber the African Photographer
  • Flying Noodles
  • Cucumber in Machu Pichu
  • Cucumber in the Rockies
  • Cucumber in Rio
  • Niagara Falls Mystery