Lily's Counting Day Song is a song from Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever. After Lily counts 10 baby chicks, she comes home to tell her parents in song about the things she counted from 1 Lily to 10 baby chicks.

Lyrics Edit

I started on my Counting Day by counting up to one, I counted Lily Bunny, me, and that was lots of fun

I counted two long bunny ears, two hands, and two big feet, and then I went outside the house to see who I would meet

I counted three good friends of mine on three tricycles too, and four cows in the meadow, and each of them say "Moo"

I saw five frogs beside the ponds, and counted each of those, then six black birds flew overhead then landed on scarecrows

Each scarecrow have a silly hat that flew into the heavens, but when I tried to count them, I saw that there were seven

I counted seven airplanes, they're flying upside down, and eight big watermelons which they're bouncing on the ground

At Farmer Fox's Farm Stand, there were nine banana pies, but when I tried to count to ten, I had a real surprise

Ten little eggs were counted all snuggled in a nest, but when ten chicks were startled that it was the very best

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