Little Jack Horner is a Mother Goose nursery rhyme from Richard Scarry's Best Sing-Along Mother Goose Video Ever.

This rhyme is sung by Mother and Huckle Cat in the beginning of that video. At Huckle's bedroom in his house, Mother Cat sings the nursery rhyme, "Little Jack Horner", on the Mother Goose book. Then Huckle Cat joins in by singing the last line of the rhyme. Mother Cat closes the book and tells Huckle that is enough Mother Goose for tonight. She tucks Huckle into bed and tells him to go to sleep. But he doesn't want to go to sleep without Lowly. He asks Mother Cat if they could look for him some more. Father Cat is sure Lowly is around here somewhere, so he'll find him later. But right now, it's time for Huckle to go to sleep. He asks Mother Cat if she could sing just one more song. Mother Cat responds, then she sings one more song.

Lyrics/Script Edit

Mother Cat: Little Jack Horner sat in the corner

Eating a Christmas pie

He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum and said...

Huckle Cat: "What a good boy am I!" (giggles)

Trivia Edit

This rhyme was published in 1725.

There are some alternate ones that are not in the video:

  • Although a line in the song reads "Eating a Christmas pie", it's supposed to be a Christmas carol, but nothing not even the pie is related to the present-day Christmas.
  • In some versions, the word "a" is replaced with the word "his" in the second line of the chorus, "Eating his Christmas pie."