Old Mother Hubbard is a Mother Goose song from Richard Scarry's Best Sing-Along Mother Goose Video Ever.

Old Mother Hubbard is a lion character. Gerald is a dog character. When there was a knock on the door, she opens it. It was Emperor Huckle who misses his friend, Lowly Worm. He asks Old Mother Hubbard and Gerald if they've seen him. They haven't.

Lyrics Edit

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the cupboard

To fetch her poor dog a bone

But when she got there

The cupboard was bare

And so the poor dog had none

She went to the fishmonger's

To buy him some fish

When she came back

He was licking this dish

She went to the grocer's

To buy him some fruit

But when she came back

He was playing the flute...

She went to the cobbler's

To buy him some shoes

But when she came back

He was reading the news!

Trivia Edit

This rhyme was published in 1805.