Postman Pig is a pig letter carrier. Although not the only carrier in Busytown, his route includes the Cat family's home.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. The Big Apple Mystery
  2. The Missing Pickle Car Mystery
  3. The Mystery Wheel (cameo)
  4. Busytown Blue-Bottoms
  5. The Mystery of the Lost Parrot
  6. The Monster Mystery (cameo)
  7. The Trouble with Bubbles
  8. Little Orphan Egg (cameo)
  9. The Lighthouse Ghost Mystery
  10. The Sticky Stuff Mystery
  11. The Vanishing Tiara Mystery
  12. The False Alarm Mystery
  13. The Flying Potatoes Mystery
  14. The Mystery of the Lost Bag
  15. The Flat Tire Mystery
  16. A Spoonful of Mystery
  17. The Whoop Whoop Whoop Mystery
  18. The Missing Mayor Mystery
  19. The Secret Spy Ring Mystery