Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever is the second video of the Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever series. It was released on August 31, 1989 on VHS and rereleased on October 16, 2001 on DVD and uploaded on early-late 2010s on Youtube and Dailymotion.

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Join Lily Bunny as she spends her counting day from one to twenty!

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The video starts off with the busy people working in Busytown and Mr. Frumble chases his hat. Then it goes on to Lily Bunny reading a counting book at the Bunny family's house. Her father (Mr. Bunny) decides to make today a counting day and tells her to start by counting one of something, and then count two things, until she reaches to ten, in which it is her lunch time. Lily starts by counting one of herself, and then two hands, feet and long ears. Then she goes outside to find three of something while she sings the counting day song. She counts three friends riding three tricycles with three horns. On the way to the farm, she counts four cows mooing, along with five funny frogs and five big splashes. Then, Lily goes to Farmer Fox's farm, where she counts six crows and six scarecrows, and then the wind blows away the hats. She counts the six silly hats, including one more making seven, which she wonders where that hat came from. The seventh hat happened to belong to Mr. Frumble, who was chasing it. Lily counts seven airplanes flying in the sky. One of them crashes into Farmer Fred's tractor, and eight watermelons roll off and bounce away, so Farmer Fred has to chase them. Then, Lily goes to Farmer Fox's farm stand while she sings the counting day song again. At Farmer Fox's farm stand, Bananas Gorilla orders nine banana cream pies. Farmer Fox shows Lily the surprise: ten baby chicks are hatched from ten eggs, thinking Lily is their mom. Farmer Fox says so long to Lily and she giggles and really softly all on her way home for lunch.

Back home, Lily sings to her parents about her day counting up to ten. Next, Lily's dad wants her to count all the way up to twenty, so Lily comes over to Huckle's house and tells him it's her counting day. She asks him if he and Lowly wants to come with her, and they agree, so they go into Busytown while they sing the reprise of the counting day song. There, Lily and Huckle count eleven members of a pig family, who are going to Busy Burger for lunch. At Busy Burger, they count twelve pancakes for one hungry hippo. Lowly sneaks in and eats a stack of pancakes, when is called to come back by Huckle convincing him to find thirteen scouts. Then, Huckle and Lily count thirteen scouts crossing the street. At the zoo, Lowly buys fourteen balloons, and gets lifted off by them, but luckily, a giraffe saves him. At Father Cat's grocery store, Huckle and Lily count fifteen delicious apples as Mom Crocodile buys them. In one of Mom Crocodile's fifteen apples, Lowly is hiding inside it which scares her, causing a mess in the store and Mr. Frumble continues to chase his hat. But he trips over the apples and fell on the ground. In the playground, Huckle and Lily count sixteen children sliding down a slide. In the library, they count seventeen books, which Mr. Lion is carrying. He tries to juggle them, but fails. Then they see Lowly at a florist buying eighteen roses. Lowly brings them to Hilda Hippo on her birthday. She sneezes them away, leaving eighteen beautiful stems. The trio also watches a parade and count nineteen big bass drums, followed by Lowly being in a tuba and being blown out when it sounds. It's getting late and it’s time for Huckle and Lowly to go home for their dinnertime, but Lily tells them they haven't counted to twenty yet. However, Huckle apologizes to Lily and he and Lowly must go home. Lily feels sad and agrees with both Huckle and Lowly that she must go home, too. Lily sadly says goodbye to both Huckle and Lowly as she watches them go out of sight on her way home.

When she comes back home and back inside, she tells her family that she and Huckle only counted up to nineteen, but they didn't make it to twenty. Lily’s dad tells her that her counting day isn’t finished and she might be able to find something to count at home, until Lily realizes there are no more things to count. But at dinner time, when something catches Lily's eye on the dinner plate, she finally counts twenty carrots at the dinner table and her family applauds for her.

At bedtime, Lily’s parents tell her that it has been a very busy day. Her mother (Mrs. Bunny) sings Tomorrow You Can Count Again to Lily as the video ends. Also, at the end of the lullaby, a silhouette of Mr. Frumble chases his hat and the fireflies arrange the words "THE END."

Contents Edit

  1. Title/Introduction
  2. Lily reads a counting book and Lily's father decides her daughter to make today a counting day/One bunny
  3. Two hands, two feet and two long ears
  4. Won't You Come and Count With Me? (Tra La La, 1, 2, 3)
  5. Three friends on three tricycles with three horns
  6. Four cows and four moos
  7. Five funny frogs and five big splashes
  8. Six crows and six scarecrows
  9. Seven airplanes
  10. Eight watermelons/Won't You Come and Count With Me? (Tra La La, 1, 2, 3) (reprise)
  11. Nine banana cream pies
  12. Ten baby chicks
  13. Lily returns home/Lily's Counting Day Song/Mr. Bunny wants his daughter to count all the way up to twenty
  14. Lily meets Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm to go to Busytown/Won't You Come and Count With Me? (Tra La La, 1, 2, 3) (reprise with Huckle Cat)
  15. Eleven pigs
  16. Twelve pancakes and one hungry hippo
  17. Thirteen scouts
  18. Fourteen balloons
  19. Fifteen delicious apples
  20. Sixteen children
  21. Seventeen books
  22. Eighteen roses
  23. Nineteen big bass drums/Lily says goodbye to Huckle and Lowly
  24. Lily returns home again/Twenty carrots
  25. Lily's bedtime/Tomorrow You Can Count Again/The End
  26. End Credits/Copyright

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  • Mr. Bunny: Lily, what book are you reading?
  • Lily Bunny: It's my counting book, Daddy! I'm learning my numbers!
  • Mr. Bunny: That's nice, Lily. What have you learned so far?
  • Lily Bunny: I've learned how to count to ten! Listen. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!
  • Mr. Bunny: That's wonderful counting, Lily.
  • Lily Bunny: Thank you, Daddy.

  • Mrs. Bunny: (she and Mr. Bunny tucks Lily Bunny in bed) Settle down, Lily. It's time to go to sleep. You had a very busy day.
  • Mr. Bunny: We're very proud of you, Lily. You did a wonderful job counting up to 20. (then he and Mrs. Bunny kisses Lily goodnight)
  • Lily Bunny: Maybe tomorrow I can count up to 30! Or 40! Or even 100!

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Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever!

Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever!

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