Richard Scarry's Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever is the fifth video of the Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever series. It is released on February 13, 1994.


  1. The Library Song
  2. Absent Minded Mr. Rabbit
  3. Stop, Look and Listen
  4. Mr. Fixit Fixes It
  5. Mixed Up Sounds
  6. Pa Pig's New Car
  7. Wheels


Trivia/Goofs Edit

  • This video was released in February 13, 1994. This was the same year that KCTS Seattle aired the second season of the Disney TV series, Bill Nye the Science Guy, five days later, and that Showtime aired the first season of the Paramount Communication/Cinar production, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, one month later. It's also the same year that Humongous Entertainment released the second activity pack video game, Putt Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack on PC and Macintosh, that Nickelodeon aired the first season of All That and the third season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, that Nintendo released the video game, Super Metroid, on Super Nintendo Entertainment System, that NBC aired the Peanuts TV special, You're in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, that ABC aired the first season of The Ferals, that Barney Home Video released Let's Pretend with Barney and Barney's Alphabet Zoo on home video, that MTV aired the fourth season of Beavis and Butt-Head, that Sega released the video game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and that Random House/Broderbund Company released the Living Books game, Ruff's Bone on PC and Macintosh.
  • This video of the title was named after the book, Richard Scarry's Funniest Book Ever.
  • This is the second time there was a song at the beginning. The first time was in "Richard Scarry's Best Busy People Video Ever".
  • This episode marks an appearance for Mr. Read-a-Lot, Gertie, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Fixit, Pa Pig, Ma Pig, Harry Pig and Sally Pig.
  • This is the last video that Fireman Ralph, the pig firefighters, Sergeant Murphy, Bananas Gorilla, Grandma Bear, Marvin Mouse, Miss Honey, Glenda, and other Busytown people make these appearances.
  • Rhonda Raccoon's voice is high when she says, "Hi, Freddie!" and laughs at Freddie who rides the tricycle. But on other videos her voice is low.
  • This is the third time the Narrator narrates the introduction.
  • This is the last time that this episode has a little bit of limited animation.
  • On the future DVD releases of the video, the instrumental part of The Library Song played in the credits is replaced with Come Along and Watch Me Learn, and the song, Wheels, sounds like the songs, I'm Gonna Learn to Tie My Shoe and These Parts Connected Together from the Autism DVD, Watch Me Learn: About Me and You.


Video Edit

Richard Scarry's Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever!23:56

Richard Scarry's Best Silly Stories and Songs Video Ever!

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