Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever is the video series of Random House Home Video with the six videocassettes and DVDs in the early 1990s.

Video SeriesEdit

Random House Home VideoEdit


  • Tommy J. Michaels as Jimmy Bunny
  • Kyle Stanley as Huckle Cat
  • Alexander C. Iwachiw as Ole Owl
  • Ron Marshal as Henry
  • Kurt Dykhuizen as Tom and Mr. Read-a-Lot
  • Alexander Backyard as Ursula
  • Michael Zodorozny as Bully Bobcat and Bumbles Leopard
  • Candace Walters as Kathy
  • Haley White as Sally Cat
  • Jenell Brook Slack as Lily Bunny
  • Kallan Holley as Hilda Hippo
  • Ole Rison as Jason
  • Doug Compton as Sergeant Murphy
  • Frank Oz as Bananas Gorilla
  • Jerry Libberman as Alex and David
  • Darran Doran as Freddie Fox
  • Anges Herrman as Anne and Edna
  • Tajja Isen as Rhonda Raccoon
  • Arthur Custer as Arthur
  • Eden Reigel as Christine and Livy
  • Cody Pennes as Mary Mouse
  • Bruce Bayley Johnson as Marvin Mouse
  • Lacey Chabert as Betty and Wilma
  • Stephen Ouimette as Rudolf Von Flugel and Vincent Van Goat
  • Sharon Lerner as Ursula and Polly
  • Larry Robinson as Mr. Frumble, Mr. Fixit and Ned
  • Dorothy Elias-Fan as Iris
  • John Stocker as Quincy
  • Emily Perl Kingley as Susie and Yolanda
  • John Druit as Xavier
  • Tony Eastman as Fireman Ralph
  • Carlos Sanchnaz as Bruno, Dr. Lion and Gary
  • Robert Hurtekant as Rheneas
  • Bruce Knapp as Mr. Mouse
  • Alison Hashmall as Mrs. Mouse, Miss Honey, Olive and Zelda
  • Isabella Bannerman as Glenda


  • TBA

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