Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever is the video series of Random House Home Video with the six videocassettes and DVDs in the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Video SeriesEdit

Random House Home VideoEdit


  • Tommy J. Michaels as Jimmy Bunny
  • Kyle Stanley as Huckle Cat
  • Alexander C. Iwachiw as Ole Owl
  • Ron Marshal as Henry
  • Kurt Dykhuizen as Tom and Mr. Read-a-Lot
  • Alexander Backyard as Ursula
  • Michael Zodorozny as Bully Bobcat and Bumbles Leopard
  • Candace Walters as Kathy
  • Haley White as Sally Cat
  • Jenell Slack-Wilson as Lily Bunny
  • Kallan Holley as Hilda Hippo
  • Ole Rison as Jason
  • Doug Compton as Sergeant Murphy
  • Frank Oz as Bananas Gorilla
  • Jerry Libberman as Alex and David
  • Darran Doran as Freddie Fox
  • Anges Herrman as Anne and Edna
  • Tajja Isen as Rhonda Raccoon
  • Arthur Custer as Arthur
  • Eden Reigel as Christine and Livy
  • Cody Pennes as Mary Mouse
  • Bruce Bayley Johnson as Marvin Mouse
  • Lacey Chabert as Betty and Wilma
  • Stephen Ouimette as Rudolf Von Flugel and Vincent Van Goat
  • Sharon Lerner as Ursula and Polly
  • Larry Robinson as Mr. Frumble, Mr. Fixit and Ned
  • Dorothy Elias-Fan as Iris
  • John Stocker as Quincy
  • Emily Perl Kingley as Susie and Yolanda
  • John Druit as Xavier
  • Tony Eastman as Fireman Ralph
  • Carlos Sanchnaz as Bruno, Dr. Lion and Gary
  • Robert Hurtekant as Rheneas
  • Bruce Knapp as Mr. Mouse
  • Alison Hashmall as Mrs. Mouse, Miss Honey, Olive and Zelda
  • Isabella Bannerman as Glenda


  • Lowly doesn't have a speaking role in all videos of the series.
  • ABC and Counting are the only videos that do not have previews, thus being released in 1989.
    • They are also the only videos that do not have the 1993 Jumbo Pictures logo shown after the credits.
  • ABC is the only video where the title has more than just two colors.
  • Sing Along Mother Goose is the longest video title of the series while ABC is the shortest.
  • Silly Songs And Stories and Sing Along Mother Goose are the only videos where the titles have all-caps.
  • At the end of Silly Songs And Stories and Sing Along Mother Goose, we see a black background with white text reading "In warm memory of Richard Scarry 1919-1994".
  • ABC and Busy People are the only videos to have a "The End" sign on the same sign plane that pulls the video title.

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