Sally Cat
Sally Cat


Sally Cat





First Appearance

Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever


November 15, 1985


1989: Sally wears a pink bow on her head, she also wears a pink dress. 1993: Sally wears a green dress. 1993: Sally wears a red dress with yellow collar. 1993-1997: Sally wears a magenta bow on her head, she also wears a pink shirt and magenta overdress. 2007-2010: Sally wears a red bow on her head, she also wears a yellow shirt with red overdress with a light pink flower.

Voiced by

Mara Wilson (1993)
Angela Lee Sloan (1993)
Tara Meyer (1993-1997)
Ellie Ellwand (2007-2010)

Sally is Huckle's younger sister. She is 5 years old. In her early appearances she was known as Little Sister.

Sally is a bubbly and patient kitten. She loves to learn, help others, baking, arts and crafts. Although she is a secondary character, her happy disposition along with other characters makes the show fun, easy to watch for all ages, and educational.

She appears in Richard Scarry's Best Videos Ever, The Busy World of Richard Scarry and Busytown Mysteries.

She was voiced by Mara Wilson, Angela Lee Sloan, Tara Meyer and Ellie Ellwand.

Gallery Edit

Sally Cat

Sally Cat as a grownup travel agent.

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