Singing, Dancing, Laughing and Growing is the closing song from Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever.

This song is sung by the whole cast of the learning songs show, except for Alex and Anne Bear. After the song, the audience gives a huge applause while the cast takes a bow. Then Lowly Worm pulls down a curtain that says “The End” on it.

Lyrics/Script Edit

Huckle Cat: Today we sang some songs for you, about things we know how to do. But now it's time for us to leave the show. There's one more song before we go!

(The curtains open, revealing the whole cast of the learning songs show, except Alex and Anne Bear.)

(Then, they sing the closing song.)

Ole Owl, Huckle Cat, Sally Cat, Rhonda Raccoon, Ursula Pig, Hilda Hippo, Lily Bunny, Freddie Fox, Mary Mouse and Marvin Mouse:

Singing and dancing and laughing and growing.

As every day we’ve learned something new

Helping and working and playing and knowing

We're proud of ourselves and proud of you too.

Singing and dancing and laughing and growing

We put on a show and had lots of fun

For now is the time that we must be going

Thank you for coming,

Goodbye everyone!

(The audience are seen clapping and the entire cast takes a bow.)

(The curtains close, and Lowly Worm pulls a shade that says "THE END" on it)

Narrator: The end.