Sneef in a Detective from France who travels around the world solving crimes with his assistant, Sniff. Sneef is a basset hound mix.

Sneef is a dog and he likes to solve crimes his way, even though he causes blunders at times. He always catches the culprit in the end. He has ongoing battles with his enemy, Lady Cheetah.

In the Busy World of Richard Scarry he is voiced by John Stocker.
Snapshot 1 (09-05-2014 21-04)

Sneef as seen in the episode Sneef in Russia


Sneef Appears in:

  • Sneef the Best Detective in Europe
  • Sneef Saves the Queen
  • Sneef in Russia
  • Sneef in India
  • Sneef and Sniff at the Opera
  • The Big Apple Christmas Caper