My Alphabet is a different alphabet song was sung by Hilda Hippo. From Richard Scarry's Best Learning Songs Video Ever.

Hilda songs about 26 words that start with each and every letter of the alphabet from A to Z.

Lyrics Edit

A is for Apple

B is for Bed

C is for Crown

That you wear on your head

D is for Daisy

E is for Eye

F is for Fish

You can catch it if you try

G is for Goose

H is for Hat

I is for Ice cream

I really like that

J is for Jump rope

K is for Kite

L is for Lowly

Hanging on tight

M is for Moon

That comes out after dark

N is for Nest

In a tree in the park...

O is for Oven

Be careful, don't touch

P is for Pie

That I like very much

Q is for Queen

Who invites you to tea

R is for Rainbow

That's lovely to see

S is for Sailboat

T is for Tie

U is for Umbrella

That keeps you dry...

V is for Van

W for Wheel

X is for Xylophone

Played by a seal

Y is for Yo-yo

Yellow and blue

Z is for Zebra

That lives in the zoo

And that's my alphabet song for you!