The Fire Station is a song of the album Busy Tunes from Richard Scarry's Busytown.


Look, there goes Smokey!
Yes he saved my life once
He's the greatest firefighter in town.
Yeah. Sparky, We all are really glad to have him here
Wake up Smokey, you sleepy head.
There's a fire in town, get out of bed.
The bell is ringing there's a flashing light.
You'll have to get dressed before you can firefight.
Put on your boots and your bright red helmet.
Don't forget the raincoat so you don't get wet.
The life net the fire hose are set to go.
The fire engine's ready, just slide down the pole.
oh there's a house onfire, House
There's a house on fire, I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go to put the fire out.
there's a dark smoke, let's go to work.
Saving people's lies always comes first.
Place the life net close to the window.
Huckle's mom jumps, then the others follw.
To put out the fire, Make sure you're close.
to the fire hydrant and the great big hose.
Make the connection so the water flows.
towards a fire that dances us and do-si-dos.
oh there's a house on fire house on fire.
there's a house on fire, I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go to put the fire out.
Running up the ladder, our hero goes, packin' a mean fire house.
Aim higher Smokey we're getting wet.
well everybody, everybody safe and out with Smokey he there's no doubt
We know we're living in a safe pace.
Now, Smokey became a legend, word went around.
Fighting any fire, that spread through Busytown.
Another house on fire, house on fire.
Another house on fire. Gotta go (x12) to put the fire out.
Oh yay!

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