Lily 2

Lily's parents tucking her in bed.

Tomorrow You Can Count Again is a lullaby from Richard Scarry's Best Counting Video Ever.

This song was shown at the end of the feature. It was when Lily Bunny counted up to 20 and went to bed. Lily's parents sang her that lullaby so that she can sleep well and she can count again tomorrow.

Lyrics/Script Edit

(After dinner, Lily Bunny went to bed. Her parents told her that it has been a very busy day.)

Mrs. Bunny: Settle down, Lily. It's time to go to sleep. You had a very busy day.

Mr. Bunny: We're very proud of you, Lily. You did a wonderful job counting up to 20.

(And they kissed Lily good night. She also tells her parents that maybe tomorrow, she can count up to 30, 40, or even 100.)

Lily Bunny: Maybe tomorrow I can count up to 30! Or 40! Or even 100!

(After that, Lily's mom sang her a lullaby.)

Mrs. Bunny: Close your eyes and go to sleep it's been a busy day.

You took a walk and counted things you passed along the way.

(Lily then imagines the stuff she counted.)

You counted cows and frogs and birds and hats up in the sky.

You counted pigs and pancakes and drums as they marched by.

(Her dad turns off the light as her mom finishes the lullaby.)

Hushabye, 8, 9, 10, tomorrow you can count again.

Hushabye, 8, 9, 10, tomorrow you can count again.

(After the lullaby, we pan towards the window as Mr. Frumble is seen trying to catch his hat.)

(Then, the words THE END are shown by an arrangement of 60 fireflies.)

Narrator: The end.

Trivia Edit

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